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Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Treatments at Grand Rapids Pain

Welcome to Grand Rapids Pain, where you'll find the most experienced interventional pain specialists in West Michigan. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the field, our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of care.

Grand Rapids Pain is a brand new pain treatment center, devoted completely to the diagnosis and management of and for the chronic pain patient.

Grand Rapids Pain was developed “from the ground up” by securing the most advanced and experienced physicians, advanced healthcare providers, nurses, and staff with its primary mission to treat chronic pain patients in a comprehensive, yet empathetic and individualized fashion. Today’s modern healthcare environment has created many challenges for patients in general, and even more so for chronic pain patients. This is why Grand Rapids Pain was born. We utilize the most advanced techniques in a manner that keeps it “person to person,” yet still employ cutting-edge therapies for those chronic problems that are indicated.  

At Grand Rapids Pain, we pride ourselves on utilizing leading-edge technology to offer a wide range of treatment options. From non-surgical interventions to regenerative medicine therapies, we are committed to finding the best solution for your pain management needs.

Learn more about the cutting-edge treatments we offer at Grand Rapids Pain. If you’re ready to experience the most innovative pain management Grand Rapids, MI has to offer, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced pain management physicians today.


Doctor and patient talking

Biofeedback & Behavioral Medicine

Grand Rapids Pain both offers in-house and works closely with local experts to deliver comprehensive biofeedback & behavioral medicine services. These services are designed to provide effective pain management solutions. Through the use of advanced technology and therapeutic techniques, our experts help individuals gain control over their bodily functions and behavior to alleviate pain and improve overall well-being.  

“Pain” and “suffering” are not the same thing. Our goal will be to reduce BOTH pain and suffering while simultaneously improving your physical functioning. Your emotional well-being is equally important as your physical health.

Biofeedback allows clients to monitor their physiological responses in real-time, such as heart rate, muscle tension, and skin temperature, enabling them to develop self-regulation skills. Combined with behavioral medicine strategies, this approach empowers individuals to better manage their pain, reduce stress, and enhance their quality of life.

Behavioral Medicine

Nerve Block Therapy

Nerve block injection, or neural blockade, is an innovative chronic pain management service offered by Grand Rapids Pain. This cutting-edge procedure involves the targeted delivery of medication to specific nerves, effectively blocking pain signals and providing relief for a variety of conditions.  

These nerve block techniques have a therapeutic benefit, offering meaningful pain relief and improved functionality as a result, but they offer more than that. These nerve block techniques can also help us pinpoint exactly where your pain may be coming from and/or the pathways of how your pain is transmitted. This may allow us to interrupt the pain at its source as well as reduce the pain signal’s strength. They also offer very specifically targeted pain relief, only treating what and where it’s needed.

Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, nerve-related discomfort, or seeking post-operative pain management, our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to helping you find lasting relief. With our state-of-the-art facilities and personalized approach, we strive to enhance your quality of life and restore your overall well-being.

Nerve Block Therapy


The team at Grand Rapids Pain is dedicated to providing effective, minimally invasive pain management solutions. Our range of specialized injections includes:

  • Trigger point injections
  • Botox injections
  • Epidural injections
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy
  • Ultrasound-guided joint injections
  • Bursal injections
  • Peripheral nerve blocks
  • Nerve Root/epidural blocks for chronic sciatica and/or chronic radiculopathy
  • Autologous Stem Cell Injection Therapies (this is technically NOT FDA approved, and NOT covered by most commercial/governmental insurances, but we do offer this when indicated)
  • Infusion therapies (Ketamine, Nutraceutical infusions)
  • RACZ injection techniques, which are ultra minimally invasive techniques (no incisions) that can reduce the amount of scar tissue within the spinal canal itself, which even with perfectly performed traditional spinal surgeries, our bodies heal with scar, both inside and out. If a scar is ‘crimping’ the spinal nerves, RACZ can be helpful for many patients with ongoing spinal pain plus or minus radicular pain.
  • Intraspinal blocks
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Spinal/Paraspinal Joint Injections
  • Ganglion Blocks/Sympathetic Blocks, which are used to treat a wide variety of both nerve-related and non-nerve-related chronic pain throughout the body. (e.g. CRPS/RSD, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Chronic Headaches, Chronic Limb Pain, Chronic Head/Facial pain, “Long Covid Syndrome”)  

Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tension, joint inflammation, or tissue damage, our targeted injections are designed to target the root cause of your pain. Experience the transformative benefits of our injection therapies and regain control of your life.


EMG/NCV and Discography Testing

At Grand Rapids Pain, we understand the importance of accurate and comprehensive assessments to effectively address your pain concerns. Our EMG/NCV testing evaluates nerve and muscle function, providing valuable insights into the underlying causes of discomfort.

Additionally, our discography testing allows for a thorough examination of spinal discs to identify potential sources of pain. With our state-of-the-art technology and experienced medical professionals, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and personalized treatment options.

Discography Testing

Neuromodulation Implants

At Grand Rapids Pain, our leading-edge neuromodulation services offer relief for chronic pain through advanced spinal cord stimulators. Designed to target specific areas of the body, these implants use gentle electrical pulses to modulate neural activity, providing effective pain management and improved quality of life.

Unlike neuromodulation techniques offered even as recently as just a few years ago, Grand Rapids Pain offers the latest FDA-approved neuromodulation techniques which are confirmed to be the state of the art and “best practices” for a wide variety of chronic pain syndromes that do not respond to more conservative and even other ‘traditional’ interventional pain techniques.

Today’s neuromodulation techniques are MUCH better tolerated and much more effective even as compared to the technologies of just a few years ago. These minimally invasive techniques, if indicated, are initially tested to ensure their efficacy with no need for any incisions! If your chronic pain problem doesn’t respond to appropriate conservative treatments, or even more ‘advanced’ interventional, surgical treatments, or even if “previous generations” of neuromodulation technologies may have been tried and failed in the past, GRP offers the very latest neuromodulation techniques that can offer meaningful relief when other techniques failed.  

 This outpatient technique, where Grand Rapids Pain can “test” the effectiveness of this latest FDA-approved technology, takes only 20 minutes! The patient can then try this technology in their own home, at work, (depending on type of job duties, specifics of which can be discussed with GRP physicians/staff), or other everyday activities. The pain relief is often immediate, yet the trial lasts for up to and no more than 7 days to give the patient a meaningful enough time to determine if this technology helps improve pain to a significant degree and improves function as well. If your test run of this latest neuromodulation technique provides a meaningful improvement in your pain as well as a notable improvement in your ability to perform your own life’s daily activities, then this technology may be an important portion of your overall plan of care to reduce your pain, improve your activities, and get your life back!

With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to help patients regain control and find lasting relief from debilitating pain. Trust Grand Rapids Pain to deliver personalized care and innovative solutions to enhance your well-being. Start managing your pain and take a step toward a brighter, more comfortable future.

Neuromodulation Implants

Radiofrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency ablation is a groundbreaking treatment option offered by Grand Rapids Pain. This procedure utilizes high-frequency electrical currents to target and alleviate chronic pain. By targeting the affected nerves, radiofrequency ablation provides long-lasting relief, allowing individuals to regain control of their lives.

This technique is a remarkably effective way to significantly reduce your pain in many areas of your body that produce chronic pain. It is very effective, providing on average at minimum at least 6 or more months of meaningful pain relief when indicated. It is done in our state-of-the-art office and/or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) under local anesthesia. This technique doesn’t even utilize any incisions or sutures! This procedure can also be done under moderate IV conscious sedation for those patients who are in medical need of intravenous conscious sedation.  

At Grand Rapids Pain, we will do all that can/should be done to make sure your treatment is done in a compassionate manner and as comfortably as possible.  

With minimal invasiveness and a high success rate, this innovative treatment option is revolutionizing pain management. Whether you’re in need of back pain treatment, arthritis treatment, or treatment for other chronic conditions, radiofrequency ablation offers a safe and effective solution to help you alleviate your pain.

RFA treatment

The Vertiflex Procedure®

At Grand Rapids Pain, we offer the innovative Vertiflex interspinous spacer procedure as part of our commitment to providing effective and minimally invasive treatment options for our patients.

The Vertiflex Procedure® is an FDA-approved outpatient procedure that involves the placement of a small spacer inside the spine. This spacer helps to increase the space between vertebrae, relieving symptoms associated with spinal stenosis and reducing the need for opioid use. With this advanced technique, patients can find new hope in managing chronic pain and improving their quality of life.

Our experienced interventional pain specialists are at the forefront of utilizing the Vertiflex Procedure® to provide personalized care and optimal outcomes for our patients.

Vertiflex Procedure

Minimally Invasive Surgery

At Grand Rapids Pain, we understand the importance of providing patients with effective and minimally invasive treatment options. That's why we offer a range of procedures, including minimally invasive surgery, to address conditions such as spinal stenosis.

Minimally invasive surgery is a cutting-edge technique that allows for smaller incisions, reduced tissue damage, and faster recovery times compared to traditional open surgery. Our team of highly skilled surgeons utilizes state-of-the-art technology and techniques to perform these procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Medication Management

At Grand Rapids Pain, we recognize that medication management plays a crucial role in comprehensive pain care. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing individualized medication management plans for each patient.

We understand that pain conditions can be complex and require a tailored approach to medication therapy. Through careful evaluation and ongoing assessment, our specialists work closely with patients to develop effective strategies for pain relief while minimizing the risk of medication side effects or dependency.

With our expertise in pain management and commitment to patient-centered care, you can trust us to provide compassionate, evidence-based medication management solutions that prioritize your well-being and quality of life.

Medication Management

Physical Therapy

We believe in a comprehensive approach to pain management, which is why we offer physical therapy as part of our treatment options. Our skilled and experienced physical therapists work closely with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that address their specific needs.

Through a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual techniques, and other modalities, physical therapy aims to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance overall function. Our team focuses on empowering patients to take an active role in their recovery and provides support and guidance every step of the way.

Physical Therapy

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